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The Board of the Point-to-Point Authority is pleased to announce the vacancy for an Independent Member recently advertised has been filled. The number of applications exceeded expectations, as did the caliber of applicant.

The interviewing panel which consisted of four members of the current Board:

• Mike Felton (MFHA)
• Tabitha Cave (Independent)
• Heather Kemp (Independent)
• Steven Astaire (PPSA)

were unanimous in offering the position to Nick Sutton, who has subsequently accepted it.

Nick Sutton comes to the Board with the experience of being an owner and rider. He retired from race riding in April 2013 following the Aintree Festival having had a career, riding winners both under Rules and between the Flags, spanning 25 years. His son now rides successfully in Point-to-Points having learnt the trade from Pony racing.

Nick Sutton said upon his acceptance of the position:

“I am delighted to accept the invitation to join what is a strong and effective Board, and look forward to serving the sport and all of those connected with Point-to-Point Racing to ensure that we continue to attract, owners, riders, spectators, sponsors, bookmakers and all those other involved individuals and organisations in an increasingly competitive leisure market.”

Simon Claisse, Chairman of the PPA, said:

“I am delighted Nick has accepted the position and welcome his addition to the Board as someone with both practical experience and a successful business acumen. I feel he will be able to utlilise his expertise and knowledge of modern communications and the world of information technology to underpin and enhance the future of the sport”

Nick will start his term of office on 1st January 2014 when Heather Kemp steps down and will join the existing Board members who are:

• Simon Claisse (Independent)
• Richard Russell (Jockey Club)
• Steven Astaire (Point-to-Point Secretaries Association)
• Richard Fuller (Point-to-Point Owners & Riders Association)
• Mike Felton (Master of Foxhounds Association)
• Tabitha Cave (Independent)

For further information please contact the Point-to-Point Authority: 01285 841920 / info@p2pa.co.uk