PPA: 1st November – a month till it all starts so:

The Point to Point Authority · posted the following on their Facebook page yesterday:


Riders Sponsorship Scheme

A copy of the Planner is INCLUDED as part of the annual registration fee which, following consultation with representatives from the PPORA and the PPSA, it was agreed will be a benefit to riders. Riders are reminded that the registration fee is due on an annual basis – unfortunately a number of riders omitted to re-register their sponsorship last year resulting in a number of cautions – but no fines. However, repeat offenders will be fined this coming season.

Colours on the Hunters Certificate

The Owners database of colours has become varied and “clogged up” and owners often have multiple colours listed. This causes Owners problems when choosing which set of colours to be used when making an entry and consequently the colours printed in the racecard may be incorrect. At the request of meeting organisers, owners information regarding colours is being reviewed by collecting colours information on the Hunters Certificate. This will greatly improve the accuracy of the information held and Owners are asked for their co-operation in this regard.

Authority to Act

When making an entry by TELEPHONE any person other than the registered Owner (or nominated person) will require an Authority to Act. This is a legal requirement as the person making the entry is effectively incurring entry fees on behalf of the Owner. The process for entering on line will remain the same as last year and owners and keepers are encouraged to make entries on line wherever possible. For telephone assistance in making entries on line please contact the Point-to-Point Racing Company for a tutorial.

On Line Entries

The on line entry system has been improved to allow a quicker and simpler selection of the horse name when making an entry. In addition, only those riders with a current, valid RQC may be chosen when making an entry – this will speed up the entry process. There are also plans to store credit or debit card details for future use to avoid constant repetition of card details being input.

Watch this space for more news with regard to National Sponsorship and much, much more!