Get great publicity from sponsoring Point-To-Point riders or horses

Point-To-Pointing offers two great schemes to promote your business. By sponsoring a horse or a rider your business can reach a wide audience, of not only the attendees at the Point-To-Point, but offers the prospect of a national exposure through the press coverage of the meetings.

Horse Sponsorship Scheme

All Point-To-Point Horses (except those who will only run in a Hunt Members race) can be sponsored in a scheme designed to work alongside the existing SFRO scheme for Racehorse Owners which operates under Rules.  Sponsorship of a minimum of £300 and a maximum of £950 is paid to the Owner and in return the business will have their name on a number of branding sites such as the horse’s paddock rug, on attendants clothing and, NEW FOR THE COMING SEASON, on the chest and neck of the Owners colours as well as the sponsor’s name in the racecard.

Devised by the Point-to-Point Authority the horse sponsorship is registered with the Hunters Certificate (or via a separate form if done at a later date) and the fee for this season has been REDUCED to £40 plus VAT in an attempt to encourage more sponsors.

Separately, Point-to-Point owners are also eligible for the VAT benefits of the Racehorse Owners scheme if they comply with those rules and their horse is entered with intention to run in a Hunter Chase.  This Scheme is administered by Weatherbys.

Rider Sponsorship Scheme

Since 2010 riders have also been able to gain sponsorship worth up to £950 to pay for racing equipment and licences by entering into a Branding Agreement with their sponsor and displaying branding on either breeches or the neck of their polo undershirts.   Again an annual registration fee is payable of £50.69 including VAT as an added incentive for this season a copy of the Planner publication is INCLUDED for the rider as part of the registration fee.

Heather Kemp of the PPA, said: “Anything that helps Amateur Riders financially to get started Pointing and stay in it longer is good for the sport. The scheme is optional, but allows many of the expenses incurred such as mandatory medicals to be paid out of the sponsorship monies.”  The scheme is administered entirely by the PPA who hold the sponsorship funds on behalf of the riders and those who take advantage of the scheme can use their sponsorship to pay for racing equipment such as crash hats, body protectors and saddles as well as for their Riders’ qualification certificates (RQC) or the medicals occasionally required to gain an RQC. It cannot be used for fines payable to the British Horseracing Authority, or general work/exercise clothing.

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