The Point-to-Point Authority Wednesday, 20th November 2013 


We have been informed recently that a a number of people have contacted the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) and the Point-to-Point Racing Company (PtPRC) concerning the request to supply details of the colours the horse is to run in on this years Hunter Certificate (HC). The issue was also raised yesterday at the MFHA’s Point-to-Point Sub-Committee meeting at which I was present. 

Due to this I am writing to clarify the situation, as it appears some of the wording currently related to the issue has been deemed to be ambiguous and therefore has led to misinterpretation, leading some people to believe an additional fine will be imposed by Weatherbys should information relating to colours not be forthcoming in writing to them. 

This is NOT the case and will be explained below as to the actual situation and the reasoning behind it. 

Historically the owner when registering their HC was always asked to provide details of the colours. However a number of years ago when space was becoming limited provision was removed so as to make way for other info deemed to be more important at the time.

Earlier this year, at the Point-to-Point Secretaries Association (PPSA) meeting, the issue of incorrect information being included in racecards, in this case that which related to colours, was raised. It was reported a number of owners felt they had been unjustly fined under Reg 114 (iii) due to failing to declare a change of colours on the day as they assumed the details which they had provided on the entry form had been duplicated in the racecard, as did the secretary running the meeting. However it became apparent that where the racecard had been printed by Weatherbys, the colour information included in the card on more than one occasion had come from their historical database which was out of date due to the info no longer being provided on the HC. 

This situation arose in both the South East and the Yorkshire Areas in particular – leading to both representatives raising it at the PPSA meeting. Having discussed the problem, it was agreed, in order to alleviate the problem, the provision to include the colour info should be reinstated on the HC. This was also raised at the Point-to-Point Owners & Riders Association’s (PPORA) meeting where it too was confirmed and supported. 

In light of this it is hoped all the information relating to colours provided in racecards printed by Weatherbys of which there were circa 130 in 2012/13 so it is hoped to be a similar number in 13/14 will be correct, which in turn will reduce / remove any anomalies on the day and / or fines for the wrong colours being worn. 

Clearly, in order to maintain accurate information, should there be a change following the registration of the HC, owners have been asked to inform the PtPRC in writing so the change can be mirrored within the database. This is NOT MANDATORY AND NO FINE WILL BE IMPOSED if the information is not forthcoming – it is merely a request and is NOT a mandatory requirement. 

However if the owner hasn’t informed the PtPRC of the change and the original info provided on the HC is included in a racecard and overlooked by them on the day the horse runs and they fail to declare a change as per Reg 114 (iii), the usual fine of £60 will be imposed – which has always been the case.  

Finally rumours have also surfaced that there is an ulterior motive behind reinstating the request for the information, in that a fee is likely to be introduced with regard to making the provision of colour info more along the lines of a “formal registration”. 

This is NOT THE CASE.  If you as an owner don’t wish to provide the info you do not have to. No registration fee is being imposed and there has never been any intention to do so. 

I sincerely hope this clarifies the situation but if you would like to discuss the matter further, please feel free to call me. The current wording which appears in the notice on the National Website (www.pointtopoint.co.uk) will be revised so as to be less ambiguous and therefore less misleading or open to misinterpretation.

Kind regards

Lucy Tuker

Executive, PPA