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We are being inundated with phone calls relating to RQC’s and whether they have been issued. Please if possible drop us a line via email (info@p2pa.co.uk) as this is more time effective and therefore means more time can be spent on getting applications logged, ready for medical checking, cleared and packed up to send out to you. We have to date cleared and issued all those who have applied wishing to ride at either Cottenham or Black Forest Lodge. Those that have not been issued have not been due to issues such as being put on medical hold, payment pending etc.If you have applied, please check your email regularly as those of you who supplied an email address will be sent an email confirming your application has been cleared and your RQC issued. Last season 85% of RQC’s were issued within 10 working days of receipt of the application with 62% of those being issued in under a week.Riders who don’t physically receive their RQC (Green this year) following receipt of the confirmation email, can ride without physically producing their RQC. No fine will be imposed for not producing your certificate but you will be asked to complete the relevant paper work confirming you have been issued with one which will be automatically checked / confirmed by the PPA office upon receipt.

Anyone found to have ridden who has not been issued with an RQC will automatically be referred to the British Horseracing Authority’s (BHA) Disciplinary Department.

However if you fail to produce your MEDICAL RECORD BOOK and you wish to ride you WILL be FINED £60 (Regulation 50 (ii)) and made to see the Senior Doctor. The only instance when a fine is not applicable is when your MRB is being held by the British Horseracing Authority’s Medical Department.