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Race 2 – Men’s Open

Form Name Rating TRAINERS
*531214- BELLFLOWER BOY S J Sampson
23/10p-1 COCK OF THE ROCK 42+ David Brace
33/11p6- GOOGOOBARBAJAGAL 40 John Heard
p284/4/- HOLLY WALK 35? Jimmy Cole
p5p1p24- HOOPY (IRE) 40 David Brace
*44/36/- KILLING ME SOFTLY Benjamin Lund
*15/93p- MIRACLE HOUSE (IRE) NR Reuben Chapman
p321212- NOBBY KIVAMBO (IRE) 42 Jason Warner
pp138pf- PARAZAR (FR) 36 Dean Summersby
*452pp5- PERICOLOSO (IRE) Katherine Maxwell-Smith
*8/0u4p- SONG SUNG BLUE (IRE) Charlotte Davis
*/2p0p5- SPIRIT RIVER (FR) David Roberts
/5pf21/- TURTLE TIM (IRE) 40 Sarah Pidsley
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