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Race 9 – Open Maiden Race, Division 2

Form Name Rating TRAINERS
pf//3pp- ANOTHER WINNIE 12 Serena Tyler
*44p2p- BAMBOLEO (IRE) Timothy Eades
33/p825- BEADY EYE 26? Katie Lumb
59/233-2 BIG GEORGIE (IRE) 27 Heather Ridley
-p BOB THE BUTCHER 00 David Brace
ffp/p- BROWN HARP 00 Caroline Griffiths
/87253p- COME ON FLASH (IRE) 25 Hannah Phillips
*8u0-p CORTON RIDGE 00 Charlotte Davis
-rf DEEMO 12? Lynn Redman
/p*64-5 DEER PARK 20? Kathryn Dando
*/3730-p EARTH TREMOR (IRE) 00 Emlyn Parry
/pp22-2 GO ON HENRY (IRE) 33+ Keith Cumings
0/p53-42 KILCREA MILL (IRE) 31+ Peter Mason
/65up-45 NUDGE THE NUGGET 15? Teresa Clark
/p/9pp-p ON THE DOUBLE 00 Benjamin Lund
/pp3pp- OVER NIGHT BAG 16? Hannah Watson
QUEENS LAW Leslie Jefford
-5p RUSSIAN POET 15 Janette Branton
*40/7- SCHINDLERS SECRET Hannah Phillips
*/56063- TACKLER Marie McGuinness
f/3p3p- TOLATETOBEEARLY Paul Tolman
/pp- YOUHAVETOO (IRE) 16+ Zara Phillips
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