Tiverton entries and form

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Race 1 – Members, Subscribers & Farmers Race

Form Name Rating TRAINERS
*94458/- APPLAUSE FOR AMY Mrs Mary Sanderson
/2p1342- BLINDING LIGHTS 42 Mrs Mary Sanderson
*707/- EDEIFF’S LAD Edward Walker
*/22324- FOR THE STAFF Robert Chanin
00/pf51- HILL OF CONTENT 27 Stuart Sampson
LINFRANDEE Stafford Sampson
p2p2221- LORD SAMSON 34 Rosemary Partridge
13ppp6-p RED JADE 00? Emma Greenslade
*/56063- TACKLER Marie McGuinness
23ppf2-u TALLANSTOWN BOY 32? Rosemary Partridge
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