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Race 5 – Intermediate Race

Form Name Rating TRAINERS
/11- BABENY BRIDGE (IRE) 40+ Jane Williams
/224/11- BETH’S STAR 36 Joanne Sleep
3/3b226- BLAZING WHALE 40 Edward Walker
2/p2411- BRADLEY BROOK (IRE) 41+ Nicola Martin
p15fp-p2 BUZZ ME IN (IRE) 37 Reuben Chapman
/212pp1- CANADA COOMBE 39 Sarah Gordon
/4p2u2-1 CREDIT CRUNCHED 38+ Laura Thomas
6/6p115- DEVON MEAD 36 Leslie Jefford
1p/115p- FOUNTAINS CLOUD 40 Angela Stephens
ppp/6p1- HORATIO CAINE (FR) 36 Julie Mansell
/617/-u0 JACK’S THE LAD(IRE) 30? Alice Campbell
31/8/4-5 LESS HONOURS (IRE) 33 Janet Ackner
21p05-p1 LIGHTENING JACK 37+ Kayley Woollacott
1124p17- MOLLAND GAYLE (IRE) 39 Sarah Gould
2f01124- PADDYCARDS 36 Claire Hart
6/u11-p PERFECTLY WILLING 40? Tim Sage
2331f13- POPAWAY 38 Pauline Harkin
23267-21 SOBRE TRESOR (FR) 40 Chloe Newman
5/p478-6 STEALING MOMENTS 35 Emma Buck
31125p/- THE WYCHOUGH 34? Oliver Greenall
/111-3 THEATRE QUEEN (IRE) 42+ Mark Wall
11/p4pp- UPPERTOWN HAWK 33? Clive Bennett
31/422/- VIEL GLUCK (IRE) 35? Alan Hiull
23116-2 WADDINGTOWN HERO 36 Lee Power
24p411-p WE NEVER GIVE UP 38 Pauline Harkin
7p/123p- ZAGOVA (IRE) 38 Marie McGuinness
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