Mid Devon Update (Black Forest Lodge)

26 January 2014

Black Forest Lodge has been walked to tread in on the Monday and rolled Tuesday after last meeting. All fences have been rebirched. The Black Forest Lodge team went down to course today and going from the Clerk Of Course today (Sunday) is SOFT. The posting on Jumping For Fun will updated mid week when Course Inspector has been.

Please note all Mid Devon Point-To-Point entries to Angela Boyden (01647) 433264 by 12noon Monday !

Note: The official going (which is published on Tuesday through to Saturday prior to the meeting) is reported on Talkingpoint. Unofficial reports on this website should be treated as a general guide only

Useful Information:

Met Office 5 day forecast: Exe Estuary, 2.7 miles from EX6 8HR at the same altitude

BBC Travel News: Devon

Course Website: bflracing.webs.com


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