Mid Devon entries and form

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Race 1 – Confined Race

Form Name Rating TRAINERS
1/67214- BEFORE THE WAR 41 Edward Walker
/3b226-1 BLAZING WHALE 43+ Edward Walker
/p2f633- DIAMOND BROOK 39 Emma Loosemore
/p8p-p DOUSLAND DAVE 00 Jimmy Cole
u54234u- GERSHWINNER (IRE) 40? Ms Emma Oliver
*21/p65- GREAT GUSTO (IRE) Nikki Frost
7/3p59-1 IRON CHANCELLOR 42+ Sue Popham
3314-762 JOPERO 37? Rebecca Welsh
121f7-33 KING OF ALCRATRAZ 43 Roy Smith
422212-1 NED WHITE (IRE) 42 Robert Chanin
35326p-3 PAUILLAC (FR) 36 Nikki Frost
*p2542u- QASPAL (FR) Emma McWilliam
uu35722- ROCKLYN (IRE) 34 Sarah Pidsley
740/1//- THE DONSERELLI Sarah Weatherlake
List of Races Next Race