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Race 7 – Open Maiden, Division 2

Form Name Rating TRAINERS
3/p825-p BEADY EYE 24? Katie Lumb
-p BOB THE BUTCHER 00 David Brace
/fp- BOUGHT ON LOOKS 00 Samantha Butler
4/3pp-3f CANSHETRAIN (IRE) 31+ Matthew Barber
/u- CAPTAIN REACHER Keith Cumings
p/bp9p- CHEEKYCHAP 00 Lucy Gardener
*8- GIFT OF DREAMS Claire Hart
/p7p2-u GILDEROY 22? Lee Glanville
*998- GIVE A HOOT (IRE) Amanda  Maller
*47222-p GOLDEN SQUIRELL 25? Charlotte Budd
7u58//- MINUTES LATER (IRE) Edward Walker
u*375-3d MISS H LEWISS 25 Steve Flook
/pffpp-p MR SAWYER 00 Kristen Jacka
65up-455 NUDGE THE NUGGET 22? Teresa Clark
up34322- OUR GEORGIE GIRL 25 Edward Walker
-u RED RUST 00 Rhys Hughes
33604- SOIXANTE SIX Thomas Weston
/p53-2 THE GUNNER BRADY 32+ Kim Smyly
/f/p7pp- WAY BEFORE DAWN 00 Sarah Tickle
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