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13th February 2014

[The secretary has] Been up on the course most of the day, working with the team getting the netting up to track and paddock. Weather was mostly bright & sunny with strong winds and occasional short, sharp showers. The course is looking really good – all the fences finished and with a drying wind helping, the Clerk of the Courcse said the going was SOFT, HEAVY IN PLACES.

Heavy rain is forecast for Friday and any water collecting in the centre of the course will be pumped away night and day. Forecast to be mainly dry and windy, we shall all be busy there again on Saturday and with raceday Sunday looking to be a mainly fine day, we remain in good spirits!

12th February 2014

Despite other Cancellations/Postponements, South Pool Harriers meeting at Buckfastleigh is still on. The going is on Talking Point and will updated daily from now on.
With Cancellations/Postponements being the hot topic of the moment after torrential rain today, the course at Buckfastleigh is proving extremely resilient and the Clerk of the Course says the going is heavy, soft in places. Pumps have been going all day draining the centre of the course and he says by 5pm no standing water remained there. The forecast tomorrow, Thursday, is for a largely dry day which will aid the drying out process and the team at Buckfastleigh will be out in force to crack on with preparations for our meeting on Sunday. The jumps and hurdles are out, the wings ready to go up Saturday and the paddock & track all roped ready for the netting tomorrow. Wish us more power to our elbows……

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Met Office 5 day forecast: Buckfastleigh, 1 mile from TQ11 OLT

BBC Travel News: Devon; Cornwall; Somerset;

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