Dart Vale & Haldon Harriers entries and form

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Race 3 – Open Maiden Race, Division 2

Form Name Rating TRAINERS
-4p A BITTER AFFAIR 22 Neil Harris
/*u-Rf CAPTAIN REACHER 00 Keith Cumings
-2 DICKY BOB 32+ Verity Nicholls
-p4 DROM RUA (IRE) 24 Philip Rogers
p7p-ppp EVAWELD 00 Sheila Watson
-p FLAMING PARADE 00 Jenny Watts
pp3334-f JUST SEVEN (IRE) 26 Roy Smith
p53-432p KILCREA MILL (IRE) 28? Peter Mason
p533445- KOCKANAFFRIN (IRE) Tony Geering
pupRp49- LUCIUS FABEO (IRE) 23 Olivia Hutchings
-3 MISS GOTAWAY 24+ Kayley Woollacott
MISTER TREBUS (IRE) Richard Barber
SILVER SAM Edward Walker
-f2 TIGERALLEY 32+ Marcus Foley
3f4323-3 VIC’S MOLL 30 Edward Walker
-5u7 VOLATILITY 24? Sam Holdsworth
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