Dart Vale & Haldon Harriers entries and form

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Race 7 – Restricted Race

Form Name Rating TRAINERS
p14424p- ALYSIA’S FLAME 35? John Burbridge
*225942- BOB LEWIS Stuart Simpson
/62/-p1 FIVE JOURNEYS 36+ Robert Chanin
3p164/-2 FRESH’S FEVER (IRE) 35? Matthew Barber
2/p52p-5 GONE THAT WAY (IRE) 34 Keith Cumings
217262-2 GONTDEVON 36 Robert Chanin
/22-1p2 HONOURS INSIGHT 37+ Camilla Scott
/92p17-b JENNYS LAYLA (IRE) 35 Pauline Geering
pp/442-p KING’S BENCH (IRE) 35 Marie McGuinness
6/pp1pp- LAST MINUTE NOTICE 34? Jane Western
/p479-31 MINELLA WEB (IRE) 35+ Kayley Woollacott
3/3531-p MY REBEL (IRE) 35? Becky Kennen
34/f4-1 RED PENNY (IRE) 36+ Nikki Frost
2fp-6p7f SANTIAGO SUN (IRE) 32 Nicola Martin
/3/31-2p SOUL NATIVE 35 Camilla Scott
33132/-p SPOT THE GREY (IRE) 35? Nicola Martin
p68214-p SUESACOMIN 34 Tony Boon
p5/2219- TALLAND BAY 35 Marcella Baylis
f433f/4- THE GREAT IAM(IRE) 34 Rebecca Smale
4/ppp-pp TOURIST BOARD (IRE) 00? Sarah Pidsley
p/451-rp WINNING NOTE (FR) 32? Lee Glanville
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