Lamerton Point-To-Point entries and form

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Race 4 – Mixed Open Race

Form Name Rating TRAINERS
*3p/03p- ACE HIGH Janet Ackner
*200/pp- AITEEN THIRTYTHREE Kevin Parker
2164-652 CHECKERBOARD (IRE) 38 Kayley Woollacott
/13041-2 DEB’S DASHER 41 Kayley Woollacott
1118-61u DOUBLE BANK (IRE) 44 Emma Oliver
1p6-41pp GOOGOOBARBAJAGAL 38? John Heard
1/754/4- JOKER CHOKER (IRE) Nicola Martin
44/36/-p KILLING ME SOFTLY 00 Hedley Webb
11413-22 KIRKLEIGH 45 Robert Chanin
1142-130 LUCETTE ANNIE 44 Simon Partridge
42/2163- MIGHTY SNAZY Katherine Smith-Maxwell
f/pf15-p RUSH’N’ROLL 40 Nigel Legg
f3p21p-p SOME SLAM 41 Julie Bright
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