Exeter Racecourse Intermediate series qualifiers update

The following 41 horses have qualified for the final of the Exeter Racecourse Intermediate  Hunter Steeple Chase series final at half way through the series, in accordance with page 364 of the Planner. The final is to be held at Exeter Racecourse on the 6th May 2014.

Round 1 Black Forest Club
1 December 2014
For Sahkey Moony
Hinchelsea Moor
Jack’s the lad
Waddingtown Hero


 Round 2: Tiverton, Chipley Park
19 January 2014
Babeny Bridge*
Beth’s Star*
Blazing Whale
Bradley Brook
Canada Coombe*
Devon Mead
Fountains Cloud
Lightening Jack*
Molland gayle
Sobre Tresor
The Wychough
Uppertown Hawk
Viel Gluck
Waddingtown Hero*
We Never Give Up


Round 4: South Pool Harriers
16 February 2014
Ailanthus *
Babeny Bridge
Beth’s Star *
Blinding Lights *
Dancing Olga
Direct Line
Hilda Wild
Lightening Jack
Shanann Star
Turtle Boys

Round 5: East Devon, Bishops Court (Meeting cancelled)

 Round 6: Dulverton Farmers
9 March 2014
Anger Management
Bathwick Scanno
Beat the Bandits
Beth’s Star
Blinding Lights
Canada Coombe
Level Spirit
Molly Oscar
Sterling Moments


Round 3: Western
15 March 2014
Buzz Me In
Fountains Cloud*
Hilda Wild*
Lightening Jack*
Make or Break
Sobre Tresor*

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