Eggesford Point-To-Point entries and form

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Race 5 – Restricted

Form Name Rating TRAINERS
153up-pp BALLYNESS (IRE) 26? Reuben Chapman
3454-31p DIAMOND ECLIPSE 34? Emma Loosemore
8654pp5 DONPIERRE (IRE) Nikki Frost
-p441 DROM RUA (IRE) 34+ Philip Rogers
6p-6336p GLENWOOD PRESENT 34? Tanya Taylor
7262-2u3 GONTDEVON 37 Robert Chanin
1p*9p/p- IKIE MO (IRE) 29 Nicola Martin
ppp/1p-p JASPER JAZZ 34? Elizabeth Trickey
2p17-b51 JENNYS LAYLA (IRE) 36 Pauline Geering
2b21/-3p KING KASH (IRE) 36? Kayley Woollacott
*/3/5p-1 MAIDSTONE MERCURY 36+ Ray Alford
-1 MISTER TREBUS (IRE) 36+ Richard Barber
3531-p42 MY REBEL (IRE) 37+ Becky Kennen
2f1f4/-3 OTIS TARDA (IRE) 36 Suzy Berry
-6u1 OVERTOWN EXPRESS 35+ Richard Barber
332u6-21 RAFFA 35+ Richard Mitford-Slade
4/f4-1pu RED PENNY (IRE) 34? Nikki Frost
722-657u ROCKLYN (IRE) 33 Sarah Pidsley
/6u-u1 RUDDY ARTICLE (IRE) 34+ Richard Barber
214-pp6p SUESACOMIN 34 Tony Boon
33f/4-pp THE GREAT IAM(IRE) 34 Rebecca Smale
uf-f4212 THIRD CHANCE (IRE) 37+ Sarah Gould
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