Dartmoor Point-To-Point entries and form

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Race 1 – Members

Form Name Rating TRAINERS
/55-4213 BRACKENWOOD 38 Nikki Frost
p5-pp3u7 CHASE GATE 35 Sam Holdsworth
654pp54 DONPIERRE (IRE) 37+ Nikki Frost
p65-7522 GREAT GUSTO (IRE) 39 Nikki Frost
4-762p23 JOPERO 36 Rebecca Welsh
-545u232 LADYVIE (FR) 39+ Sam Holdsworth
/77p- MUDDY PUDDLES 14? Sam Holdsworth
up5p-pp1 NUMIDE (FR) 40 Gordon Chambers
26p-3pu5 PAUILLAC (FR) 33 Nikki Frost
4256p-1p SANGRAM (IRE) 35 Nikki Frost
pf1p-pp1 SIR WATTY (IRE) 37+ Phillip Rogers
23u4f-p4 SUNKEN SECRET (IRE) 37 Lee Glanville
f2213-p3 VERTIGER DORE (FR) 41 Sam Holdsworth
List of Races Next Race