Dartmoor Point-To-Point entries and form

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Race 7 – Open Maiden


Form Name Rating TRAINERS
ANNWYL Ross Oliver
7/8pupf- ANSHAN PRINCE (IRE) Angela Stephens
HOO MEAVY Jill Dennis
-f3 MADAM BE 27 Ed Walker
58//-4pp MINUTES LATER (IRE) 21? Ed Walker
/77p- MUDDY PUDDLES 14? Sam Holdsworth
*07/- NEXT WEDNESDAY Pippa Moorhouse
prp/*67- OPENMINDED (IRE) Marilyn Burrough
-p4f STIRLING BERNIE(IRE 26? John Heard
bup/-ppp TIMMY MACS 00 Angela Stephens
/p7pp-22 WAY BEFORE DAWN 30+ Sarah Tickle
p53/33p- WHISPERING WILD 27 Michael M Watson


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