Four Burrow Point-To-Point entries and form

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Race 6 – Restricted

Form Name Rating TRAINERS
53up-pp7 BALLYNESS (IRE) 26? Reuben Chapman
f5/u13-p BUSTER (IRE) 36? Janet Ackner
/41-p DEVON GENERAL 34 Kayley Woollacott
p6pp21-8 DOUBLE FUN 34 Mervyn Woodward
/f42-13 GLACIAL OSCAR (IRE) 37+ Guy Henderson
262-2u35 GONTDEVON 36 Robert Chanin
2-1p2u5 HONOURS INSIGHT 36 Camilla Scott
1p*9p/p- IKIE MO (IRE) 29 Nicola Martin
p17-b51p JENNYS LAYLA (IRE) 34? Pauline Geering
/13p3-32 JOHNNY NO CASH 37 Alice Plume
3p-9633p JUST HATTIE 35 Janette Branton
2pppp-pp KAWANA COVE 32? Maria  Lewis
26-pp2u1 MAUSEFALLE (IRE) 34+ Dean Summersby
479-31pp MINELLA WEB (IRE) 33? Kayley Woollacott
12u-5256 MISS CUPCAKE 35 Leslie Jefford
26p-sp5u MONGRESS BOY (IRE) 30? Joanne Sleep
598-1ppp MR BINGLEY 27? Kayley Woollacott
2u4/7u-p MR REDWOOD 33? Pippa Moorhouse
2p27-1p2 RATLINE ROSIE 38+ Kayley Woollacott
pp4536p- RIGHT ENOUGH 34? Robert Chanin
214-pp6p SUESACOMIN 34 Tony Boon
/2219-f2 TALLAND BAY 37+ Marcella Baylis
*4733-p1 TEMPLETON (IRE) 35+ Kayley Woollacott
-1 THEATRE GOER 33+ Robert Chanin
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