Axe Vale Point-To-Point, Stafford Cross entries and form

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Race 2 – Confined


Form Name Rating TRAINERS
1//-p635 CAPTAIN KNOCK (IRE) 33? Edward Walker
*p/3136-f CURRENT EVENT (FR) 40? Rose Loxton
3404-453 DOUBLE DIZZY 39 Chloe Newman
4-247413 GUNNER BE QUICK 37 Monica Tory
p0960-11 JOIN TOGETHER 44 Rosemary Loxton
Rp24-434 JUST AMAZING (IRE) 40 Kevin Parker
/4/-113p LEVEL SPIRIT (IRE) 39 Edward Walker
p/-p322p MERRY TERRY 39? Richmon Diamond
*/0034-2 NOTUS DE LA TOUR (FR) 41 Sam Holdsworth
/pf15-p2 RUSH’N’ROLL 37 Nigel Legg
*8/3p44- WHAT ER SAY Ollie Bush
8155-241 WHENHARRYMETSALLY 40+ Keith Cumings
p/522-p2 YUFO (IRE) 38 Nicola Martin


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