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Race 6 – Open Maiden

Form Name Rating TRAINERS
-4puuR A BITTER AFFAIR 22? Neil Harris
/0u4/-2b AAH BLESS 32 Carol Lawerence
/8pupf-p ANSHAN PRINCE (IRE) 00? Angela Stephens
-p3 BEETLE JACK 22+ Sarah Prouse
-bp BRIANS DREAM (IRE) 00 Roy Smith
9/p70p-4 CARHENEY RIVER 27 Karyn Heard
73442-2u DERNIERE DANCE (FR) 34+ Caroline Prouse
-4pf DESERT QUEEN 23 Leslie Jefford
-pu DONT WAIT FOR ME 00 Lucy Gardner
p/46uu5- GOODNIGHT ALFIE (FR) 24? Cherry Winzer
*76-p GRILYNE (FR) 00 Nicola Martin
HOO MEAVY Jill Dennis
-p3p3 INDIAN DANCER (IRE) 28 Dean Summersby
*p00-2up KILCOLMAN WIZARD 26 John Heard
84-fu5 LORD PICKLES 25 Kayley Woollacott
0p//u/f- MAIDSTONE MARESACA 00 Ray Alford
9f-pp5f2 MYLADTOMMY (IRE) 30+ Reuben Chapman
-pp NEVAKNOWYOURLUCK 00 Stuart Simpson
55229463 NUDGE THE NUGGET 30+ Teresa Clark
/p6- O’FLO 00 Carol Lawrence
/64-2 PYLEIGH PRINCESS 33+ Leslie Jefford
-spfp TALL STORIE 00 Kayley Woollacott
p7pp-222 WAY BEFORE DAWN 34+ Sarah Tickle


Previous Race List of Races