Dulverton West entries and form

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Race 1 – Restricted

Form Name Rating TRAINERS
424p-332 ALYSIA’S FLAME 37 John Burbridge
25942-23 BOB LEWIS 36 Stuart Sampson
/p70p-41 CARHENEY RIVER 37+ Karyn Heard
pp21-852 DOUBLE FUN 36 Mervyn Woodward
pp122-p3 FOURSTAR RIVER 38 Stewart Reddaway
2-2p1p4p GO ON HENRY (IRE) 34 Keith Cumings
-1 ITS A CLOSE CALL 39+ Richard Barber
Rp5-up13 ITS ALL OR NOTHING 36+ Charlotte Rowe
3p3-3246 JOHNNY NO CASH 35 Alice Plume
21/-3p82 KING KASH (IRE) 34? Kayley Woollacott
uup1/p-4 KING’S SCOUT (IRE) 37 Marie McGuinness
d2-2u233 LADFROMHIGHWORTH 37 Camilla Scott
4-422f31 LAST EDITION 35+ Leslie Jefford
Rp49-834 LUCIUS FABEO (IRE) 32 Olivia Hutchings
42-21f34 MANGANS TURN 34 Jack Barber
479-31pp MINELLA WEB (IRE) 33? Kayley Woollacott
*88/-621 MRBOB ESCOTT 36+ Teresa Clark
/p4p-7p1 ON YOUR MAX 36+ Ed Walker
p3-ppu63 PASTERNAK JACK 32 Kayley Woollacott
32/-p543 SPOT THE GREY (IRE) 36 Nicola Martin
p41/p/-p SWEETS OR CHIPS 26 Patrick Picton-Warlow
4733-p15 TEMPLETON (IRE) 34 Kayley Woollacott
f/4-pppp THE GREAT IAM (IRE) 32? Rebecca Smale
pp-pppp7 TOURIST BOARD (IRE) 32? Sarah Pidsley
3/33p-11 WHISPERING WILD 36+ Michael M Watson


List of Races Next Race