South Tetcott Point-To-Point, Upcott Cross entries and form

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Race 1 – Confined

Form Name Rating TRAINERS
8-7pp211 AMBITIOUS PURSUIT 40+ Lee Glanville
p70p-412 CARHENEY RIVER 38+ Karyn Heard
/45-pp7p CARRIGLEA WOOD (IRE) 27? Lee Rowe
5-362522 CLEW BAY COVE (IRE) 39 Ed Walker
p034-103 COTTAGE ACRE (IRE) 39 Karyn Heard
17p-58pp FURMAGIATT 32 Jimmy Cole
-44p3235 GERSHWINNER (IRE) 38 Emma Oliver
62p23335 JOPERO 35 Rebecca Welsh
531f-p4p KNOXHILL ARCHIE 37? Lizzie Luxton
375/3fpf MEILYR 36? Carol Lawrence
3p-sp32p MIRACLE HOUSE (IRE) 38 Reuben Chapman
pf-p4p4p PARAZAR (FR) 35 Dean Summersby
2223-522 PRINT THE MONEY 41 Sarah Dennis


List of Races Next Race