South Tetcott Point-To-Point, Upcott Cross entries and form

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Race 7 – Open Maiden, Division 2

Form Name Rating TRAINERS
0u4/-2b4 AAH BLESS 28? Carol Lawrence
4/454p-4 BELLECOTE 25? Lucinda Tylor
*7846- BRAVE ENCOUNTER Lucy Gardner
-bp BRIANS DREAM (IRE) 00 Roy Smith
/ppp- DERRIMON 00 Michael Weir
-ff GENERMOUSE 00? Chloe Newman
f33-4464 GLEANN RI (IRE) 25 Mary Tory
*76-pp GRILYNE (FR) 00 Nicola Martin
-p3 HIGH PRIORITY 28+ Keith Cumings
-p4p HIGHLAND THISTLE 00 Julie Pocock
/pb-5pf ISHOULDBESOLUCKY 15 Jimmy Cole
p00-2upp KILCOLMAN WIZARD 24? John Heard
-pu LASCALLA 00 Ed Walker
0p//u/f- MAIDSTONE MARESACA 00 Ray Alford
-ppuRu2 MISS WELD 28 Leslie Jefford
77-p4625 MY ROSIE B (IRE) 30 John Burbidge
52294636 NUDGE THE NUGGET 27 Teresa Clark
2723u22d SUTTON STORM 30? Charlotte Davis
-upp THE PERSUADER 00 Caroline Prouse
7pp-2223 WAY BEFORE DAWN 32? Sarah Tickle

Previous Race List of Races