Pony Racing Results South Tetcott, Upcott Cross, 26 May 2014

Race 1 138cm
1st Talponciau Perfect Print          (Hamish Clarke)
2nd Menedh Jumping Jack Flash  (Tamby Welch)
3rd Dinky By Design                    (Kiana James-Thomas)
4th Ginger Wizard                        (Chad Bament)
5th Castle Dermot                        (Hannah Sluggett)
6th Wide Valley Marsh                 (Walter Fisher-Barnett)

Distances 2 Lengths and 2 Lengths Time 2 min 39 sec

Race 2 148cm
1st Calypso                                (Harry Cobden)
2nd Goldwells Gucci                    (Harriet Godfrey)
3rd Springs                                 (Thomasina Eyston)
4th Total Eclipse                         (Michael Treneer)
5th Frantic Fox                           (Bruce Young)

Distances 5 Lengths and 7 Lengths Time 3 mins 12 sec