Exmoor Point-To-Point entries and form

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Race 2 – Restricted

Form Name Rating TRAINERS
u4/-2b45 AAH BLESS 26 Carol Lawrence
3pf-p623 ASHTON MAGIC (IRE) 34 Stuart Penny
*6-19p58 BEST BIDE QUIET 30 Leslie Jefford
-3422152 BUBBLES CLASSIC (IRE) 35 Ian Bostock
70p-4122 CARHENEY RIVER 38+ Karyn Heard
-1u0532 CHAMPION VERSIONS 36 Alan Hill
454-31pp DIAMOND ECLIPSE 33? Emma Loosemore
/6p41-p3 ECLIPSE AWARD (IRE) 30 Mary Sanderson
p122-p37 FOURSTAR RIVER 36? Stewart Reddaway
4/-24732 FRESH’S FEVER (IRE) 34 Kayley Woollacott
-pu32c31 GOLDEN SQUIRELL 35 Charlotte Budd
3/pp-p17 I’M NOT TELLING (IRE) 34+ Grant Cann
p5-up139 ITS ALL OR NOTHING 35 Charlotte Rowe
p-pp64p3 KAWANA COVE 34 Maria Lewis
uup1/p-4 KING’S SCOUT (IRE) 37 Marie McGuinness
-422f313 LAST EDITION 36+ Leslie Jefford
4f34-335 MOLLY OSCAR 36 Jonathan Farrelly
3p-24212 NURSE BRACE 36 David Brace
/p4p-7p1 ON YOUR MAX 36+ Ed Walker
3pp-651p OVER NIGHT BAG 33 Hannah Watson
3-ppu630 PASTERNAK JACK 32 Kayley Woollacott
-pp6p053 SUESACOMIN 35 Tony Boon
/-u4p3pf TANDORI 35? Paul Phillips
4733-p15 TEMPLETON (IRE) 34 Kayley Woollacott
/2-2313 THE CAT’S AWAY (IRE) 34+ Richenda Ford
1-3f5Ru2 THE CRAZY CRAB (IRE) 34 Michael Hawker
/4-pppp8 THE GREAT IAM (IRE) 32? Rebecca Smale
-u51 THE MEXICAN BANDIT 35+ Oliver Greenall
-17 THEATRE GOER 34 Robert Chanin
p-pppp77 TOURIST BOARD (IRE) 32? Sarah Pidsley
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