Exmoor Point-To-Point entries and form

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Race 6 – Open Maiden, Division 1

Form Name Rating TRAINERS
pupf-p9p ANSHAN PRINCE (IRE) 00? Angela Stephens
p2////-p BACH TO BASICS (IRE 00 Dermont Brown
-p BANDWAGON 00 Kayley Woollacott
/0p-32p2 BEAUJOLAIS BOB 32+ Sarah Hawker
-bpp BRIANS DREAM (IRE) 00 Roy Smith
53-p4454 CLOUDY COMA (IRE) 25 Elizabeth Scott
/42-u33 CRACKACAN 32+ Julie Pocock
7p-63f3f ELLVISS (IRE) 23? Jonathan Farrelly
-u EMMMCEE 00 John Jones
-u32puuu GILDEROY 24? Lee Glanville
pp343322 GREY DREAM (FR) 32 Teresa Clark
-p3 HIGH PRIORITY 28+ Keith Cumings
p//u/f-p MAIDSTONE MARESACA 00 Ray Alford
-ppuRu2 MISS WELD 28? Leslie Jefford
u43/p3-5 MURTAAD 25 James Thomas
pp5f2p36 MYLADTOMMY (IRE) 28 Reuben Chapman
/p6-22 O’FLO 33+ Carol Lawrence
26//-33p VINGT SUR VINGT 31 Jenny Watts
-f WESTERN LODER 00 Myfanwy Miles


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