Pony Racing Results: Exmoor Point-To-Point, Bratton Down, 1st June 2014

Race 1 138cm
1st The Jobs Not Straight Tyler Heard
2nd Angelic Tamby Welch
3rd Mocking Bird Ben Godfrey
4th Milly Luca Morgan
5th Talponciau Perfect Print Hamish Clarke
6th Ginger Wizard Chad Bayment
7th Dinky By Design Kiana James-Thomas
8th Minky Zoe Stanbury

Distances 4 Lengths and 6 Lengths Time 1 Min 33 Sec

Race 2 148cm
1st Aries Olivia Weatherlake
2nd  Total Eclipse Michael Treneer
3rd Springs Thomasina Eyston
U/R Frantic Fox Bruce Young saddle slipped

Distances Neck and 2.1/2 Lengths Time 3 Min 15 Sec