Torrington Farmers entries and form

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Race 2 – Restricted

Form Name Rating TRAINERS
r/-p0f13 APASSIONFORFASHION 37+ Cherry Coward
f-p6p239 ASHTON MAGIC (IRE) 34? Stuart Penny
21-85264 DOUBLE FUN 35 Mervyn Woodward
7p-58ppp FURMAGIATT 32? Jimmy Cole
p7pf3215 HILL FORTS GLORIA 34 Alan Hill
-pp64p34 KAWANA COVE 36 Maria Lewis
f34-3358 MOLLY OSCAR 35 Jonathan Farrelly
29463644 NUDGE THE NUGGET 27 Teresa Clark
p-242122 NURSE BRACE 37 David Brace
33p-up46 ON OATH (IRE) 35 Marilyn Burrough
pp-21p63 OUR DIFFERENCES 33 Matthew Barber
ppu63077 PASTERNAK JACK 35 Kayley Woollacott
p6p053pp SUESACOMIN 34? Tony Boon
p5-713p2 THE KETCHUP KID 36+ Cherry Coward
-pppp777 TOURIST BOARD (IRE) 32? Sarah Pidsley
6*09/-51 ZAKOPANY (IRE) 36+ Luke Price

Preview extract

The neck and neck battle for the National Ladies’ Championship will be decided on the day with defending title holder Jacqueline Coward likely to bring a strong team from Yorkshire. Bridget Andrews enters the final day just one winner ahead of Jacqueline (25 to 24) in a quest to emulate her sister Gina, who won the title three years ago from their Hertfordshire base.

Their first clash of the day could come in the Restricted, sponsored by Kivells. The Yorkshire challenge could be spearheaded by Apassionforfashion, an improving mare who went down narrowly at Bratton Down last Sunday. The Ketchup Kid also figures amongst the 16 entries and scored earlier in the season for Jacqueline Coward at Brocklesby Park. Hill Forts Gloria and Ashton Magic are possible mounts for Bridget Andrews, but leading owner David Brace could hold the key to this race with the Welsh challenger Nurse Brace. Her recent form looks solid and she should appreciate this course.

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