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Race 6 – Open Maiden

Form Name Rating TRAINERS
upf-p9p7 ANSHAN PRINCE (IRE) 00? Angela Stephens
-pp BANDWAGON 00 Kayley Woollacott
-bppp BRIANS DREAM (IRE) 00 Roy Smith
-uu BROCKTON MOAY 20? Patrick Samkey
3-p44540 CLOUDY COMA (IRE) 23? Elizabeth Scott
-pp CLOVERS REVENGE 00 Edward Swaffield
/ppp-p6 DERRIMON 24? Michael Weir
p-63f3f4 ELLVISS (IRE) 26? Jonathan Farrelly
*0-p FLAMING KING 00 Marc Barber
-pp FRENNI LAD 00 Peter Lowe
34332232 GREY DREAM (FR) 32 Teresa Clark
*0-f HERECOMESTHEBRIDE 00 Michael Tuckey
pb-5pfp ISHOULDBESOLUCKY 15 Jimmy Cole
*0090-f KILBREGGAN KNIGHT 24? Tom Gretton
00-2uppf KILCOLMAN WIZARD 29 John Heard
*/pu40-p MURRELL (IRE) 00 Luke Price
*07/-pp NEXT WEDNESDAY 00 Pippa Moorhouse
-p NINAJUANN 00 Mathew Barber
29463644 NUDGE THE NUGGET 27 Teresa Clark
5-3f442 OI OI SAVALOI 23 Jayne Frisby
-35 PENZFLO (IRE) 30 Jonathan Farrelly
/39/-R27 REDBRIDGE REBEL 30? Polly Curling
-up542p4 ROCK OF FIFE 24 Edward Swaffield
-u452 SPENDAJENNIE (IRE) 32+ Kayley Woollacott
-fp WESTERN LODER 00 Myfanwy Miles
-s3p3332 WIVANNIE (IRE) 33+ Nikki Frost

Preview extract

Spendajennie would be the choice if turning out for the Smallridge Bos Ltd Open Maiden which brings down the curtain on the 2014 season. (26 entries). This young mare is improving steadily and ran well behind the useful Whataknight at Bratton. The chief danger could be Wivannie, the mount of Bryony Frost, whose name is on the area ladies’ title for the second successive year.

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