Black Forest Club update – 26th November 2015


26th November 2015

Linda Courtney reports following a course inspection yesterday that the going is now good to soft, soft in places.

We have replaced some fences this year with new metal framed ones. We kept warm for a few hours with the old ones!

Old Fences
Some old Black Forest Lodge Fences have been replaced with new metal ones for this season

Also travel problems. I have this morning just driven back from Cardiff – there re roadworks on M5 below Bristol, two lots for a few miles with average speed cameras (50 mph) and another set past Exeter, in the area known as Splatford Split (Kennford) end of motorway (50mph) where you take the left lane for the A380 and the Black Forest Lodge course.

Useful Information:

Met Office 5 day forecast: Exe Estuary, 2.7 miles from EX6 8HR at the same altitude

BBC Travel News: Devon

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