Skull caps and body protectors

Any riders wishing to take part in hunter chases or amateur riders’ races should be aware that skull cap and body protector rules have changed.

Under rules body protectors must be marked BS EN 13158:2009 or CSN EN13158:2009 and will change to that for point to points on April 1 2015.

Skull caps must be marked BS EN 1384:2012, CSN EN 14572:2005, BS EN14572:2005, PAS015:2011 or CSN EN 1384:2012 and must have a CE marking and will change to that on April 1 2015 for point to points.

Any skull cap or body protector not meeting these conditions will invalidate the riders’ insurance. Both must also be in good condition, skull caps are designed for single impact protection only.

There are also rules for whips and please be aware that these will be checked at Black Forest Lodge.

Any new riders should read the BHA ‘ In The Saddle’ guide to race day procedure.