Going; Soft

Hunt race (Moores St Wenn Ltd)

1 Benny’s Quest (Ryan Chapman) 1-5 fav made all, easily
2 Tall Storie (Jake Launchbury) 9-2 chased winner throughout
3 Senera (Alice Mills) 9-2 soon bhd, to
3 ran; 12l; 20l; 6mins 46 secs
Owner: R Chapman, Trainer Reuben Chapman

PPORA Club Members’ Novice Riders’ (Hop Oils Ltd)

1 Working Title (Joe Drinkwater), 5-4 fav made all, comf
2 Sobre Tresor (Taylor Pook) 6-1 2nd from 12th, stayed on well
3 Vertige Dore (Hannah Welch) 33-1 in touch til 4 out
11 ran; 8l; 4l; 6m 11s
Owner: P Drinkwater; Trainer S Drinkwater

Ladies’ Open (Cornish Mutual)

1 Byerley Bear (Leanda Tickle) 2-5 fav made all, ran on strongly
2 Dan Breen (Jo Buck) 5-2 strong chall 3 out, no extra flat
3 Ghizao (Chloe Newton) 8-1 hdwy 12th, wknd 3 out
5 ran; 4l; 6l; 6m 5s
Owner R Knowles; Trainer R Chanin

Restricted (Ray Davies Foods Ltd)

1 Desert Queen (Michael Legg) 4-1 led from 5th, clear 14th, easily
2 Ballanrahan (David Noonan) 8-1 hdwy 14th, stayed on well
3 Railway Benefit (Nick Williams) 11-10 fav went 2nd 14th, no extra from 3 out
10 ran; 12l; 8l; 6m 10s
Owner M Legg, R Clarke, D Jones; Trainer Ben Clarke

Men’s Open (Kivells)

1 Raffa (John Mathias) 5-1 led 14th, ran on well
2 Hameldown Tor (Robbie Henderson) 7-2 4th at 14th, stayed on clsg stgs
3 Minella Fifty (Will Biddick) 5-2 led til 14th, every chance til no extra flat
6 ran; 2l; 2l; 6m 9s
Owner L Fielding-Johnson & R Mitford- Slade. Trainer: R Mitford-Slade

Open Maiden (Stephens Scown Solicitors) Div 1

1 Le Clo De La Monde (Jamie Thomas) 5-1 led 4 out, soon clear
2 Follow The Paint (Bryony Frost) 3-1 fav led 13th til 4 out, held from next
3 Racey Lacey (Will Biddick) 10-1 went 3rd 3 out, not trbl ldrs
11 ran; 12l; 2l; 6m 27s

Div 2

1 Sonoftheking (Darren Edwards) 7-1 led from 7th, pushed clr flat
2 Sisterbrooke (Robbie Henderson) 7-4fav prom, every chance 2 out, no extra
3 Spendajennie (Jamie Thomas) 4-1 cl 2nd & every chance 2 out, no extra flat
13 ran; 3l; 2l; 6m 25s
Owner The Bradley Partnership; Trainer Nicky Martin

Confined (Three Cornish Farriers, R Chapman, A Daniels, C Brandon)

1 Sweet My Lord (Tom Chanin) 4-5 fav led 14th, clr 3 out, v easily
2 Ladyvie (Hannah Welch) 9-2 stayed on to 2nd 2 out, not reach wnr
3 Sir Watty (Darren Edwards) 9-1 led til 14th, wknd 3 out
4 ran; 7l; 14l; 6m 17s
Owner T & Mrs E M Worth ; Trainer; R Chanin

The full results including all finishers are available on

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