Point-to-Point Pony Racing is delighted to announce that RaceTech has confirmed their continued support to Pony Racing for the 2015 season so will again be sponsoring a number of highly popular initiatives throughout the season.

Maggie Carver, Chairman of RaceTech says:


“RaceTech is very pleased to continue our close association with Pony Racing for the coming season. Over the past few years, since we have been involved, we have seen some real rising stars graduate through Point-to-Point Pony Racing, then onto the Racecourse Series and now making their mark in the professional ranks, it’s really been a privilege to see and support these young jockeys and share in their success.

Sometimes it’s not just about winning, it’s about the taking part, getting involved in racing at every level, the dedication of parents, grandparents and whole families, getting ponies fit in the cold wet winter months, riding out in the dark before or after school, learning about nutrition (equine and human!), striving to improve and be the best you can – those qualities are so evident amongst the pony racing community.

RaceTech provides technical services to the racing industry and for us, these pony racers are the future of our sport and our business – with the competitive spirit that we see there, we are in good hands for the future. Crack on and good luck to all this season!”.

Mike Felton, MFH, Chairman of the Point-to-Point Pony Racing Committee says:

“We’re extremely pleased to have RaceTech as the national sponsor of Point-to-Point Pony Racing. The initiatives they support are vital to the progression of the sport and most importantly the children taking part. The Novice Rider Series is an integral part of the pony racing calendar and gives those new to the sport and those who are perhaps not as confident, the chance to compete on a level playing ground. The Champion Rider Points Series run throughout the season for both 138cms / 148cms ponies and riders, gives the more experienced, competitive children something to compete for with the presentations at Cheltenham Races in October being a real highlight for the winners who are presented with their prizes in the winners enclosure in front of their families and the racing public. Amelia Glass, who scored the most points during the 2014 season as a rider eligible to ride in Point-to-Points in 2015, has generously been sponsored by RaceTech under the Riders Sponsorship Scheme (RSS) and will be cutting her teeth between the flags during 2015 so is one to look out for.”

The initiatives which are generously sponsored by RaceTech are:

The 2015 RaceTech Novice Riders Race Series

This is the third year of the highly popular “RaceTech Novice Riders” Race Series which will see 14 qualifying races being staged. Those finishing in the first four will be eligible to enter the final at the 2015 Point-to-Point Pony Racing Championships hosted by the Meynell & South Staffordshire Point-to-Point at Garthorpe on Saturday, 30th May 2015. If entries permit two races – one for each size category (138cms /148cms) will be staged.

So as to make sure the series appeals to its target audience which is children who want to have a go but don’t want the pressure of competitiveness from seasoned pony racers, the race conditions have been modified so that it’s very much a race for Pony Club and hunting-type ponies and the novice rider, as can be seen from the race conditions below:

For riders who have never won an OPEN PtP Pony race or an OPEN Pony Club Race and who have NOT taken part in the Summer racecourse Series. For genuine Pony Club and hunting-type ponies measuring 148cms & under. Ponies may NOT have been placed 1st-4th in any OPEN PONY CLUB race or any OPEN POINT-TO-POINT pony race since the 1st January 2013. Ponies may NOT have competed in the Charles Owen Summer Racecourse Race Series either. Combinations winning two of the qualifying races won’t be eligible to enter further races, until the final at the Championships.


Point-to-Point Meeting Course Date Entries closing Area
North Norfolk Harriers Higham Sunday, 22nd February 2015 Sun, 15th February EA
Bicester with Whaddon Chase Whitfield Sunday, 15th March 2015 Sat, 7th March SM
Lanark & Renfrewshire and Eglinton Overton Saturday, 21st March 2015 Mon, 16th March (12.30pm) N
Mendip Farmers Ston Easton Sunday, 22nd March 2015 Sun, 15th March W
Old Surrey, Burstow & West Kent Penshurst Sunday, 22nd March 2015 Sat, 14th March (8.00pm) SE
Southdown & Eridge Godstone Sunday, 29th March 2015 Sat, 21st March (8.00pm) SE
Taunton Vale Kingston St Mary Monday, 6th April 2015 Mon, 30th March W
Cotswold Andoversford Sunday, 12th April 2015 Sun, 5th April WM
Old Surrey, Burstow & West Kent Penshurst Saturday, 18th April 2015 Sat, 13th April (8.00pm) SE
Lauderdale Mosshouses Saturday, 2nd May 2015 Sat, 25th April N
Radnor & West Hereford Cold Harbour Sunday, 3rd May 2015 Sun, 26th April WBC
Dulverton West Bratton Down Sunday, 17th May 2015 Sat, 9th May D&C
Grafton Whitfield Sunday, 17th May 2015 Sat, 9th May SM
Knutsford Races Tabley Sunday, 17th May 201 Sun, 10th May NW

The Rider’s Championship Points Series

The Rider’s Championship Points Series will run throughout the season for both 138cms and 148cms riders. It has become a highly competitive affair with points being allocated to the first four past the post. The rider from each height category with the most points at the end of the season will be presented with their prizes at Cheltenham Races in October. It seems the most natural venue for the event being the home of National Hunt Racing and gives the award winners a taste of what might come following their time pony racing.

The RaceTech Graduate award

The Rider who gains the most points throughout the season via the Champion Points Series and who plans to go on and ride in Point-to-Point Races the following year will be offered sponsorship via the Riders Sponsorship Scheme (RSS) from RaceTech. Amelia Glass has received the sponsorship this year and her mother said upon receiving the news “We’re really appreciative of the sponsorship provided by RaceTech as it has gone a long way to help offset the various costs associated with applying to ride in Point-to-Point races especially for a first timer. With the sponsorship funds we have been able to purchase a significant amount of kit and most importantly it has covered the cost of the Riders Qualification Certificate (RQC) and the mandatory medical that all first time riders must have.”

The 2015 Point-to-Point Pony Racing Season starts on Sunday, 25th January at the Waveney Harriers Point-to-Point at Higham and ends at the Torrington Farmers Point-to-Point on Saturday, 13th June 2015 at Umberleigh. There are 73 Fixtures in total including the 2015 Point-to-Point Pony Racing Championships that are to be held at the Meynell & South Staffordshire Point-to-Point on Saturday, 30th May at Garthorpe

The RSS is a sponsorship initiative created by the Point-to-Point Authority, which enables riders to source sponsorship to assist the costs associated with riding.

For further information please contact: Lucy Tucker 01258 817604 / 07771 518258 / ptpponyracing@icloud.com