Mid Devon Point-To-Point entries and form, Black Forest Lodge, 1st February 2015

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Race 4 – Intermediate

Form Name Rating TRAINERS
*60/650- BEAU DE TABEL (FR) Andrew Quick
/p4112p- CHERRY VINE 40 Dean Summersby
41/p122- DEVON GENERAL 40 Kayley Woollacott
u431-f21 FULL TROTTLE (IRE) 39+ Laura Thomas
/f321-1 GALE FORCE LUCEY 41+ Amber Griffiths
/u2451-6 GOLD DUSTER (IRE) 36 Justin Brotherton
u73uu-u4 HORATION CAINE (FR) 36 Julie Mansell
6/2p4-11 ICTHEC (IRE) 40+ Peter Mason
2p2255-5 MILLED (IRE) 36 Lee Glanville
u4f/pp-p NOSLER (IRE) 00 Rebecca Butler
/u511-5 THE MEXICAN BANDIT 38 Keith Cumings
421221-3 THIRD CHANCE (IRE) 39+ Sarah Gould
f/22123- TIGER RAG (FR) 38 Jonathan Tudor


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