Results: Mid Devon Point-To-Point, Black Forest Lodge 1st Feb 2015


Going: Good to soft, becoming sticky

Confined (Sponsor -: The Landowners & Farriers)

1 Whenharrymetsally (Matt Hampton) 6-5 alwys prom, cl 2nd 3 out til led nr finish
2 Swansbrook (Leanda Tickle) 8-1 hdwy 15, led 3 out til nr line
3 Delphi Mountain (Emma Watson) 12-1 led 9-15, kept on
6 ran; short head; 8l; 6m 47s
Owner: Mr & Mrs A Broggio; Trainer: Keith Cumings

Men’s Open (Bovey Castle Hotel)

1 Double Bank (Merv Woodward) 4-6 fav led from 6, drew clr 2 out, easily
2 Time For Spring (Peter Mason) 16-1 chased wnr from 10th, no impression
3 Fiulin (Robbie Henderson ) 20-1 handy til outpaced 3 out
8 ran; 25l; 12l; 6m 34s
Owner Mr JD Cole; Trainer: Emma Oliver

Ladies’ Open (Tozers Solicitors)

1 Beuvron (Hannah Welch) 5-1 prom, led 2 out, clr last
2 Iron Chancellor (Gina Andrews) 6-5 fav led 11 til 2 out, no extra
3 Ned White (Leanda Tickle) 11-4 led til 11th, cl 3rd til wknd 3 out
8 ran; 20l; 20l; 6m 33s
Owner: Mr C Stanley; Trainer: Sam Holdsworth

Intermediate (Molyneux Financial Planning)

1 Tiger Rag (Bradley Gibbs) 4-1 tracked ldrs, 4th 2 out, led nr finish
2 Icthec (Peter Mason) 7-4 fav prom til outpaced 3 out, left 2 nd at last
3 Gale Force Lucey (John Mathias) 9-4 hdwy 4 out, left in ld last, swerved & hdd flat
6 ran; 3l; head; 6m 45s
Owner: Mr J Tudor; Trainer: Jonathan Tudor

Restricted ( Subaru)

1 Tolatetobeearly (Taylor Pook) 9-2 led til 13 & agn 4 out, comf
2 Johny No Cash (Hannah Welch) 6-4 fav handy, challd 3 out, soon outpaced
3 Walker Ridge (Catherine Atkinson) 8-1 prom, led 13-15, wknd 3 out
6 ran; 2 1/2l; 10l; 6m 49s
Owner: Mr N Taylor & Miss T Pook: Trainer: Chloe Newman

Open Maiden Division 1 (Roly Stuart Jarvis & Mr & Mrs Mark Eldridge)

1 Way Before Dawn (Leanda Tickle) 7-2 led from 12th, stayed on well
2 Kims Quest (Matt Hampton) 11-4 Stayed on from 4 out, took 2nd flat
3 TheGreendalerocket (Byron Moorcroft) 5-2 fav cl up from 14, 2nd 3 out til tired flat
9 ran; 20l; 2 1/2l; 6m 55s
Owner: Mrs Sarah Tickle; Trainer; Mrs Sarah Tickle

Open Maiden Division 2 (Major AC Arden Memorial Cup)

1 Sea Bear (Joshua Newman) 3-1 handy, led 4 out, held on well flat
2 Stony Road (Charlotte Prichard) 5-4 fav hdwy 10, 2nd 4 out, challd flat, just held
3 Sedgemoor Top Bid (John Mathias) 8-1 mid div til stayed on to take 3rd flat
9 ran; 3/4l; 20l; 6m 45s
Owner; Mr r Gibbs & Mrs J Gibbs; Trainer: Chloe Newman

The full results including all finishers are available on

The full results including all finishers are available on

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