South Pool Harriers Point-To-Point entries & form guide, Buckfastleigh, Sunday 15 February 2015

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Race 1 – Confined Race

Form Name Rating TRAINERS
745515u- BAREN DE DOC (IRE) 37 Ed Walker
2/4112p- BUCKSTRUTHER (IRE) 43 Paul Hosgood
*59589-8 COCKNEY TRUCKER(IRE 36? Richard Mitford-Slade
75255-73 DELPHI MOUNTAIN 40+ Emma Watson
33/834p- DIAMOND BROOK 37? Emma Loosemore
0/p21/5- GINGERS REFLECTION 35 Christine Gray
17/2p1/- GORT NA LEA (IRE) 40? Janmin Mills
u212/f4- INDIANA BAY (IRE) 44 Jill Dennis
/p11433- KING’S BENCH (IRE) 42 Marie McGuinness
2236-274 KIRKLEIGH 42 Robert Chanin
*/p6/p-8 KNIGHT PASS (IRE) 37+ Nikki Frost
2324-222 LADYVIE (FR) 42 Sam Holdsworth
254pu-44 LIGHTENING JACK 36 Dominic Harvey
9/834-64 LUCIUS FABEO (IRE) 35? Olivia Hutchings
*9335-32 MIC’S DELIGHT (IRE) 43 Jennifer Davenport
25p22-u5 NED THE POST (IRE) 40 Ed Walker
f5/79-up OSCARGO 39? Sue Popham
f566pp-2 ROBIN WILL (FR) 41 Kayley Woollacott
*5/166-u SATOU (FR) 34? Polly Curling
03p/02-1 SWEET MY LORD (FR) 42+ Robert Chanin
33fp/-p5 TURNING TIDE (IRE) 30 Sam Holdsworth
33f/-477 UNCLE KEEF (IRE) 35? Deborah Treneer
30p38-35 WESTON LODGE (IRE) 36? Mike Vanstone


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