Going: SOFT

CONFINED (Sponsor: Co-op Funeral Care)

1 Kirkleigh (Tom Chanin) 11-4 made most, ran on strongly
2 Indiana Bay (Josh Guerriero) 5-2 fav went 2nd 2 out, disp last, just held
3 Mic’s Delight (Jennifer Davenport) 6-1 alwys prom, kept on well
14 ran; neck; 8l; 6m 58s
Owner Mrs S Trump; Trainer Robert Chanin

INTERMEDIATE (Exeter Racecourse)

1 Impact Area (Louis Muspratt) 3-1 fav challd 2 out, led last dvn out
2 Roseyroo (Harry Cobden) 5-1 good hdwy 2 out, fin strongly
3 Argentato (Jordan Nailor) 33-1 made most til hdd apprg last
19 ran; 2 1/2l; 2l; 6m 59s
Owner Miss Harriet Besent; Trainer; Miss Harriet Besent

MIXED OPEN – WEST COUNTRY CHAMPION CHASE (Totnes and Bridgetown Races Company)

1 Blazing Whale (Robbie Henderson) 7-2 held up, hdwy 3 out, led last, stayed on well
2 Rye Cross (Jeremy Mahot) 20-1 hdwy 4 out, slt ld 2 out, hdd last, just held
3 Foynes Island (Harry Cobden) 20-1 alwys prom, no extra from 2 out
14 ran: 1/2l; 10l; 7m 3s
Owner; F Read & E Walker; Trainer; Ed Walker


1 Dicky Bob (Tom Chanin) 5-2 clr 3 out, bad mstk next, stayed on gamely
2 Peterbrown ((John Mathias) 9-4 fav hdwy 3 out, ev chance til no extra apprg last
3 Flood Tide (Darren Edwards) 25-1 good late progress, not reach ldrs
12 ran; 10l; 9l; 7m 16s
Owner Ms Verity Nicholls; Trainer: Ms Verity Nicholls


Division 1 (The Jockey Club)

1 Miss Gotaway (Jamie Thomas) 4-5 fav led after 2 out, ro well when pressed last
2 Frelia (Bradley Gibbs) 6-1 rear, late prog, mstks 2 out & last, do better
3 Stantway Surprise (Michael Legg) 12-1 joined ldrs 15th, no extra apprg last
9 ran; 5l; 12l; 7m 32s
Owner Mrs A Goodwin; Trainer Kayley Woollacott

Division 2 (Ashburton Motor Works)

1 Ziggerson Hill (Olivia Hutchings) 2-1 fav with ldrs from 12th, 2nd 2 out, led flat
2 She’s Dapper (Darren Edwards) 12-1 hdwy 3 out, led next, veered rt last, not recvr
3 Milaneen (John Mathias) 6-1 handy, ev ch 2 out, wknd under press
10 ran; 2l; 4l; 7m 38s
Owner Miss J du Plessis; Trainer; Miss J du Plessis

RESTRICTED (Wray & Co Jewellers)

1 Infamous Grouse (Darren Edwards) 5-1 effort 2 out, slt ld last, edged left dvn out
2 Carheney River (John Mathias) 2-1 fav prom, led 2 out, hdd last, not qkn flat
3 Rainbow Haze (Bradley Gibbs) 5-1 cl up 15th til 3 out
13 ran; 2l; 15l; 7m 19s
Owner The Bradley Partnership; Trainer; Mrs Nicola Martin

The full results including all finishers are available on

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