East Devon Point-To-Point entries and form, Bishops Court, 28th February 2015

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Race 8 – Open Maiden Race

Form Name Rating TRAINERS
u4/2b45- AAH BLESS 29? Carol Lawerence
-p BALDHU HIGH TIDE 00 Lizzie Luxton
p50ppp-8 BALLYHILTY BRIDGE 00 Charlotte Evans
5p46p-p5 BEADY EYE 22? Katie Lumb
/p-p2 BERRYSMART 24+ Michael Watson
/p/f3pp- BLUE ABBEY (IRE) 22? Simon Partridge
24/63//- CAMAS BRIDGE Laura Thomas
445405-8 CLOUDY COMA (IRE) 23? Elizabeth Scott
57p/53-p CRUZ ON TED 19? Mark Shears
f2/pp- DEWI 00 Amber Griffiths
0p/p/p- DIAMOND CRESCENT Harriet Brown
*887/44- DOWNTOWN MANHATTAN Claire Hitch
/ppp-636 GOLD RELIEF 25? Michael Sweetland
 -p3 ITS MY ISLAND (IRE) 24+ Richard Thomas
-7u5 KIT HILL 25? Jackie du Plessis
08/0p/-p NINOGARO (FR) 00 Mike Vanstone
/523p-5 PALFREY BOY 24 Patrick Picton-Warlow
/35- PATS BIG BOY(IRE) 21 Cherry Winzer
RAAPETI Bronwyn Buttery
p53p3/-3 ROY’S GALLERY 24+ Michael Miller
/6s2/-pp SECRET MEETING (FR) 22? Patrick Dartnell
*0/up2/- THE CONJURER (FR) 22? Christine Gray
6p53/-p3 TRUMPET MASTER 26+ Teresa Clark
443p/63- WOOD PARK 30+ Dean Coleman

Preview extract

Finally to close the days events, is the Otter Brewery-sponsored Open Maiden race for horses eight years and over, suggestions could be Berry Smart after his second at Milborne St Andrew earlier this month, and Its My Island after her third at Chaddesley Corbett in December.

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