Going: soft, heavy in places

Hunt race (East Devon Associates)

1 Delphi Mountain (Emma Watson) 5-1 led 14th,slt ld when left clear last
2 Tamatown (Alastair Harvey) 12-1 took 2nd closing stgs
3 Rocklyn (Sarah Pidsley) 40-1 nearest at finish
9 ran; 20l; 15l; 6m 51s
Owner: C Pike; Trainer Emma Watson

Open Maiden (4 to 7 year olds only)

Div 1 (Country Leisure)

1 Good Grammer (Nick Williams) 3-1 held up, led 15th, all out
2 I’m All Set (Will Biddick) 10-1 effort 2 out, ran on well
3 Swincombe Scorchio (Robbie Henderson) 7-2 left 3rd 2 out, kept on well
8 ran; 1l; 1 1/2l; 6m 58s
Owner: C Williams; Trainer Dean Coleman

Div 2 (Mole Valley Farmers)

1 Earthpower (Will Biddick) 3-1 went 2nd 15th, dvn to lead flat
2 Miss Weld (Pippa Glanville) 8-1 led til hdd flat
3 Upto Ollie (Leanda Tickle) 10-1 not trbl ldrs, stayed on clsg stgs
9 ran; 1 1/2l; 6l; 6m 57s
Owner Roger Penny; Trainer Jack Barber

Mixed Open (Michael Pidsley, Devonshire Straw Man)

1 Kirkleigh (Tom Chanin) 11-10 Fav made most, stayed on strongly
2 Fiulin (Robbie Henderson) 11-2 good hdwy 3 out. ev ch til no ex apprg last
3 Bellsinni Ron (Will Biddick) 5-4 hdwy under press 4 out, not trbl ldrs
8 ran; 2 1/4l; 8l; 6m 50s
Owner Mrs Sue Trump; Trainer Robert Chanin

Intermediate (Exeter Racecourse)

1 Bien Connu (Will Biddick) 5-4 Fav made all, hit 13th,  ran on strongly flat
2 Turtle Boys (Ben Clarke) 16-1 went 3rd 3 out, challd ldr next, wknd flat
3 King Kash (Jamie Thomas) 12-1 disp ld 1st circuit, lost place 15, kept on agn nr finish
6 ran; 6l; 15l; 6m 53s
Owner: Peckmoor Partnership; Trainer Jack Barber

PPORA Club Novice Riders (Ford Simey Solicitors)

1 Mic’s Delight (Jennifer Davenport) 4-6 Fav made all, stayed on gamely
2 Knight Blaze (Nick Lawton) 5-1 prom, chased ldr from 2 out
3 Weston Lodge (Alex Muirhead) 12-1 late hdwy to take 3rd flat
7 ran; 7l; 15l; 6m 58s
Owner Jennifer Davenport; Trainer Jennifer Davenport

Restricted (The Pinfold Family)

1 Dicky Bob (Jo Buck) 4-1 handy, took lead apprg last, comf
2 Molly Oscar (John Mathias) 14-1 prom. Led 14th til hdd & no extra apprg last
3 Sparkling Miss (Michael Legg) 6-1 midfield, not reach ldrs
6 ran; 10l; 7l; 6m 46s
Owner Verity Nicholls; Trainer Verity Nicholls

Open Maiden 8 year olds plus (Otter Brewery)

1 Downtown Manhattan (Will Biddick) 3-1 made virtually all, hard pressed 2 out, ran on
2 It’s My Island (John Mathias) 7-2 stdy prog 14th, challd 2 out, no extra apprg last
3 Beady Eye (Jason Kiely) 20-1 with ldr til wknd 15th
10 ran; 2 3/4l; distance; 7m 1s
Owner Hillbilly Partnership; Trainer Claire Hitch

The full results including all finishers are available on

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