East Cornwall (2) Point-To-Point entries and form, Great Trethew, 29 March 2015

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Race 4 – Novice Riders Race

Form Name Rating TRAINERS
15u-54d7 BAREN DE DOC (IRE) 35? Ed Walker
1f-5s241 COCK OF THE ROCK 42 Rachael Green
4bp-pppp DOUBLETOILNTROUBLE 00? Deborah Treneer
24-22285 LADYVIE (FR) 38 Sam Holdsworth
834-6411 LUCIUS FABEO (IRE) 40+ Olivia Hutchings
65/056-p LUCY’S GIRL (IRE) 00? Dan Farr
p22-u574 NED THE POST (IRE) 39? Ed Walker
232-4111 SILVER TOKEN 45+ Rachael Green
1656-5p5 TOP CHIEF 32? Stuart Sampson
05466-3p VERTIGER DORE(FR) 37 Rebecca Welch

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