Dartmoor Point-To-Point entries and form, Flete Park, 18th April 2015

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Race 2 -Restricted Race

Form Name Rating TRAINERS
/pp70-pp BALLYNESS (IRE) 26? Reuben Chapman
-1f CAILLEACH ANNIE(IRE 34+ Jackie du Plessis
80-4up64 CARRY ON NANDO(IRE) 33? Gordon Chambers
p31-pp63 INDIAN DANCER (IRE) 33? Dean Summersby
62-p6246 JOHNNY NO CASH 33? Nikki Frost
8-412p32 LE CLO DE LA LONDE 35 Kayley Woollacott
3358-p2s MOLLY OSCAR 36 Jonathan Farrelly
772-5386 PASTERNAK JACK 31 Kayley Woollacott
1-pp302 SAVA BRIDGE (IRE) 34 Jimmy Cole
98f53-21 STEEL BRUSH (IRE) 35+ Keith Cumings
f-p1p5pp THE SWEETENER (IRE) 31 Kayley Woollacott
p777-pf3 TOURIST BOARD (IRE) 33? Sarah Pidsley
3/-p3p1p TRUMPET MASTER 33+ Teresa Clark

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