Axe Vale Point-To-Point entries and form, Stafford Cross, Sunday 26th April 2015

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Race 1 – Members Race

Form Name Rating TRAINERS
4//-pf2u BOXATRIX 20? Paul Phillips
62-32224 FIULIN 41 Ed Walker
41-22111 HAMELDOWN TOR 44 Ed Walker
-4 MASTER BAKER 30+ Lisa Jefford
2103-04p MISS CUPCAKE 35? Lisa Jefford
34452426 MISS WELD 27? Lee Glanville
pp*2133­- MOYNE NINEOSEVEN Sarah Pidsley
2-u57424 NED THE POST (IRE) 38? Ed Walker
pf37-p23 TANDORI 37 Paul Phillips
/p8pp-u7 WELL TRAVELLED 18? Martin Sweetland

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