Point-to-Pointing joins crucial jump racing review

Point-to-pointing has gained a place on the review of jump racing announced earlier this month.

Nick Sutton, a former amateur rider and now a board member on the Point-to-Point Authority, is to represent the sport in a review chaired by former Cheltenham managing director Edward Gillespie. It is the first for 11 years and aims to garner observations from across the sport.

Point-to-pointing joins Gillespie’s committee alongside trainers, the betting industry, media & PR, racecourses, owners and the British Horseracing Authority.

Nick Sutton says: “I am looking forward to being the voice of point-to-pointing on the committee, although we have a lot of friends already at the table, including Richard Russell, who handles races planning for the BHA and is also helping with our own race planning

“Jump racing and pointing have worked hand in glove for decades – as one example we supply it with riders and horses, and we take in former handicappers – and with 2,700-plus horses, some 600 riders and 190 meetings we represent a big chunk of jump racing.

“We want to ensure any recommendations made by the review avoid negative impact on our sport, so I am delighted we are now officially represented.”

Edward Gillespie says: “Point-to-pointing was going to be consulted as part of the process, but gaining Nick means we have an able new committee member – we are in for a busy few months, taking views and concerns about the sport.

“Point-to-pointing is one of the roots of jump racing, a seed bed for future trainers and jockeys, and a source of horses – it is totally integrated with racing under Rules, and what is good for one is good for the other.”

No date has been given for the completion of the review, although it is tied in with the fixture process for 2016 and aims to report before next year’s meetings are finalised.

Further information from the Point-to-Point Authority: 01285 841920