Tiverton Staghounds Point-To-Point entries and form, Bratton Down, Sunday 7th June 2015

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Race 4 – Mens Open Race

Form Name Rating TRAINERS
-2244332 BARNEYS MATE 40 Jack Barber
fpp51114 BATHWICK SCANNO 41 Teresa Clark
41111111 COCK OF THE ROCK 45 Rachael Green
-p21544p FINDLAY’S FIND (IRE 40? Myfanwy Miles
32224123 FIULIN 42 Ed Walker
R-67u266 FLANSHAN (IRE) 35? Michael Felton
444c5p2r IFONLYALFIE 35? Charles Davies
152-1f44 KINGS LEGACY 40 Alan Hill
25-22113 LITTLE CORNHAM (IRE 41 Keith Cumings
3414-741 OTIS TARDA (IRE) 40 Anthony Berry
-1332112 PARKAM JACK 43 Kayley Woollacott
212-154f QUANTUM THEORY 40? Oliver Greenall
*45/3p-1 QUEEN’S BAY 42 Jack Barber
17/3-245 REBEL DU MARQUIS 38? Chloe Roddick
-64312p4 RELIABLE RICHIE 41 Reuben Chapman
2f-35233 RIGHT ENOUGH 41 Robert Chanin
pp-29531 ROBIN WILL (FR) 41 Kayley Woollacott
11217121 ROSIES PEACOCK 45 David Llewellyn
5p-32243 RUSH’N’ROLL 39 Nigel Legg
2-41111R SILVER TOKEN 45 Rachael Green
3p6-p372 SKATING HOME (IRE) 40? Peter Ponting
831up-12 TOOK MY EYE (IRE) 36 Elizabeth Scott

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