Advanced going: Torrington Farmers, Chapleton Barton, Umberleigh, Saturday 13th June 2015


Saturday 13th June

The Clerk of Course reported to Gillian Underhill at 07:30 that thr current going after the rain over nite is GOOD, but the ground is drying again and will be aggravated as needed.

Friday 12th June


Due to rain the aggrivating was stopped earlier. Update on talking point in morning from Clerk of course Matthew Boucher


Gillian Underhill reports that the going at Umberleigh was updated by Clerk of Course Matthew Boucher on TalkingPoint this morning and is now firm but the whole course will be aggravated

Sunday 7th June

Gillian Underhill reports the going at Umberleigh is currently Good To Firm.
There will be collection on behalf of Ed Barrett and a auction for the IJF.

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