Results: Tiverton Staghounds Point-To-Point, Bratton Down, 7th June 2015


Point-To-Point Races

Members Race (Winston Pincombe Land Rovers)

1. Whenharrymetsally (Lee Drowne) 5/4
2. Le Clo De La Londe (Jamie Thomas) 4/5 Fav
3. Pasternak Jack (Heidi Lewis) 5/2
5 ran; 6m 8s
Owner; Mrs H. Broggio ; Trainer; Keith Cumings

Open Maiden (Stags)

Division One

1. Stop The Press (Will Biddick) 7/1
2. Peggy’s Hero (Emily Harbour) 14/1
3. Queens Law (Darren Edwards) 14/1
9 ran; 6m 5s
Owner; Mrs M. Denmark; Trainer; Nikki Frost

Division Two

1. Askers Lad (Alice Mills) 6/4
2. Onewegoagain (Darren Edwards) 5/4 Fav
3. Jam Tomorrow (Bryony Frost) 25/1
8 ran; 6m 8s
Owner; Mr G. B. Foot; Trainer; Owner

Intermediate Race (Saul Kidston, Exmoor Hay & Straw Ltd)

1. Broken Eagle (Joe Hill) 3/1
2. Sonoftheking (Darren Edwards) 5/1
3. Fourstar River (Matt Hampton) 2/1
12 ran; 5m 53s
Owner; Mr A. Hill & Mr. J. Exelby; Trainer; Alan Hill

Men’s Open (The Poltimore Inn, North Molton)

1. Queens Bay (Will Biddick) 7/4
2. Findlay’s Find (Dave Mansell) 9/1
3. Barney’s Mate (Chris Barber) 20/1
12 ran; 5m 52s
Owner; Mr & Mrs Dickinson; Trainer; Jack Barber

Ladies Open (Greenslade Taylor Hunt)

1. Ned White (Leanda Tickle) 5/1
2. Fiulin (Abbie Hughes) 10/1
3. Florence Mary (Lucy Mager) 20-1
8 ran; 5m 58s
Owner; Mrs J & Mr N. Eliot; Trainer; Robert Chanin

Restricted Race  (Witheridge Garage)

Division One

1. Craigbienn (Gina Andrews) 3/1
2. Just Seven (Vicky Wade) 7/4 Fav
3. Tikkeche (Josh Newman) 8/1
9 ran;
Owner; The Andrews Family; Trainer; Mr S. Andrews
Note: An accurate race time is not available as Golanzine Crossed the line first, but was disqualified for missing a marker.

Division Two

1. The Greendalerocket (Byron Moorcroft) 5/1
2. Go On Henry (Matt Hampton) 8/1
3. Earthpower (Will Biddick) 8/11 Fav
8 ran; 6m 8s
Owner; Mr D. Williams; Trainer; Nikki Frost

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