Live broadcasting from Devon & Cornwall point-to-points using Periscope

We are planning to use, Periscope, the new social media technology from Twitter to live stream directly from the Devon & Cornwall point-to-points this season, starting with Black Forest Club, at Black Forest Lodge on 29th November 2015.

How do I watch these broadcasts?

Periscope broadcasts can be viewed using a web browser, and the address for viewing the broadcasts on the web is:

However the website limits you to viewing only. By downloading the Periscope app to your iOS or Android device (smartphone or tablet), you will be able to:

  • If you follow PointingDC on Periscope you will get a notification that a broadcast is starting
  • Ask questions in the Periscope comments, that can we answer or put to the interviewee during the broadcast. E.g. What price is the favourite?, “who is riding x?”, what are the plans for the winner now? Etc.
  • Make suggestions in comments for the broadcast, such as “can you zoom in on the favourite?”, ”Can you show the current prices”, etc.
  • Tap on the screen when we are broadcasting in the paddock to indicate your favourite horse.
  • Grab a screenshot of your favourite horse live from the broadcast
  • Notify your friends of the broadcast by sharing it on Facebook, Twitter and/or Periscope
  • The broadcasts will be available for replay for 24 hours, after which they will expire automatically.

When should I expect the broadcasts on race day?

I would expect to start broadcasting from the paddock area about 15 minutes before the scheduled start of each race and for that broadcast to finish after the horses head down to the start about 10 minutes later.

For the interviews, expect them about 15-20 minutes after the start time of the race and the interview to last 2-3 minutes.

Note: The broadcasts will start a minute or two early to give everyone a chance to join. During which time we will be welcoming newcomers and recapping the introduction before moving onto the main content of the broadcast. If however you missed some of the content, it will be available on replay on Periscope for 24 hours.

How do I make suggestions for the broadcasts?

If you would like to notify us of anything you want us to cover in our broadcasts, or want to contact us outside of the broadcasts themselves on race day please tweet them to: @PointingDC

The ability to broadcast is dependent upon having sufficient mobile coverage, requiring 3G at a minimum and suitable weather conditions. Periscope’s minimum is an upload speed of 0.3mb, whereas the national average 3G upload speed is 1.7Mb and Periscope operates best at 2Mb or more (i.e. 4G speeds). If the connection speed is slow the quality of the broadcast will automatically be lowered by Periscope to suit the available connection speed. In some cases unfortunately it may not be possible to broadcast from the course at all or from the planned areas of the course such as the paddock if the signal is too weak. Looking at the latest coverage maps, most courses have good 4G coverage.

Watching an hour of Periscope video will use approximately 250Mb, so if you are on a mobile plan with a low mobile data limit you might want to watch the replays later.

For troubleshooting watching broadcasts on Periscope, please refer to the following support page:

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